According to The Cambridge Dictionary, inspiration is: ’someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something’.
It happens to us all, consciously or unconsciously. We allow ourselves to be influenced. Within our own context. By our own heroes, beliefs and trends. We often want to know all about these things and are open to them. And that is what makes everyone unique, even in this era of the algorithm. It is not different at FJ. An idea, a solution to a problem, never comes out of the blue. Of course, we create. But before we embark on this process, we open ourselves to everything that is relevant in the world of stands and

interiors created by architects, designers and creators in the broadest sense. We could be influenced by a piece of music, a work of art, a book, a film, a quote, anything really. Inspiration could come from current events, technological developments, our own team and the professionals we hire to get our job done. We are open to inspiration, but we always give it our own spin. Judge for yourself in the projects we present here.

If we have sparked your curiosity, please make an appointment. That could equally be inspiring and lead to beautiful things.


eerste Mies-v.d.-Rohe.jpg HOW TO MAKE
Client: Vestel I Stand area: 272 m2 I Fair: GSMA MWC 2019 I Location: Barcelona

eerste 09-Cover Wright’s pillars
to support
a stand
Client: ABB I Stand area: 3000 m2 I Fair: Electrical Engineering 2015 I Location: Utrecht

eerste 08-Cover How to
make a stand
Client: Vestel I Stand area: 3000 m2 I Fair: IFA 2017 I Location: Berlin

eerste 013_Cover2 How to take
up a level
Client: Technische Unie I Inspiration Centre I Zwolle


FJ was founded in 1974. At that time, a company that simply built stands. As time went by, the focus shifted towards the development of concepts and design for stands and interiors.

FJ creates. But not as an end in itself. As we are not artists. What we create must have a function. With a goal. Because you can’t sit on a sketch for a chair, nor can you visit and experience in the flesh a computer graphic of a stand. We create within set boundaries. A brief that is set out by our client, who has an objective, a wish for their product or service. And a brief that determines the requirements for the final product.


That is why we supervise and monitor the entire process up to the completion of a stand or interior. Right down to the last screw and lick of paint. Within the scope of the brief lies the challenge.

So when you step through our door for the first time (which we designed and realized ourselves, but we digress), we want to hear your story. What your organization is about. What you want to draw attention to and why. We look forward to welcoming you. We cannot wait for you to inspire us. In turn, we will do the same for you. Inspire you with our work.

We are FJ Creators.



Bussum, 25 km from Amsterdam, is our home base. This is where it all happens. This is where we create and work on the development and organisation of projects. The supervision of these projects takes us far from the Netherlands to places that often inspire us to create new ideas. After all, the creative process is not limited by location. But we like to get to know clients at our home base in Bussum. Where we can listen to you, without distractions, and show you exactly what it is we excel in.